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Once you move into a new home, it is essential to ensure that you install the most reliable security and aesthetics features. Windows play a huge in the appearance of a house, its security, and comfort.

However, normal house windows are not sufficient to provide you with all the features you need to make your home your haven away from the rest of the world. In comes security films for commercial and residential areas to save this situation and make your home or business what you wish it to be in terms of safety, appearance, and comfort.

A window security film refers to layers of polyester films laminated together using special adhesives to increase its thickness and durability. Generally, security films range in thickness from 0.16In to 0.59In. These films reinforce the strength of regular glass and make it more resistance to shuttering and protect against vandalism and break-ins.

Thicker security films are preferable for their durability and enhancement of security features of a glass window. The thinner security films are also useful as well in tinting and solar protection. You may have noticed such films in the several buildings that you have walked into. If its in the summer, a building with security film on its windows will offer better protection from the sun than other types of glass windows.

Making such security films simply boils down to the lamination of several polyester films together with a given adhesive. However, there are even more durable security films made through nano technology. These types of nano-layered security films offer better security features even when they are thinner than regular security films layered through lamination. With nano technology security films, a regular 0.3In security film will offer the same resistance and durability as a 0.59In laminated security film. This feature makes nano-layered security films to be more expensive and more in demand for both protection and tinting purposes.

a) Privacy
If you are looking to enhance privacy in your home or business premises, look no further than our security films. They offer the best tinting effect to your windows and thus obscure the people on the outside. Through such, you can enhance the privacy in your home in a more cost-effective manner compared to the use of curtains. Additionally, the use of security films means you can still ensure privacy on windows that would otherwise not suit the use of curtains and blinders.

b) Security
The name speaks for itself. One of the most efficient ways of enhancing security and safety in your home and business is using security films. Windows with security films are harder to breach and thus it enhances the security of your home. Moreover, if an emergency such as glass breakage occurs, the security film holds the pieces together. This feature ensures minimal harm to people in your business or home when such occurs.

c) UV Protection
With the increased levels of global warming galloping away each day, it is important to have features in your home and business that protect you, your loved ones, and customers as well. Our security films help you achieve this easily.

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