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A car for many people is the means to get from point A to B. Just as is the case with shoes, our cars help us make both an impression while on the way to the other point we want to get to. It is therefore important that you ensure your car looks the best and make a correct impression about who you are and what you represent. Our car wraps are designed just for this and will help you transform the appearance of your vehicle in a simple yet efficient manner.

The main reason why many people use vinyl car wraps is to alter the appearance of a vehicle without having to repaint the car from scratch. The use of vinyl body wraps has been around for a while and was previously a reserve of marketing companies that used them on public transport and company vehicles to market their products.

After improvements to how the vinyl wraps are made and their longevity, car enthusiasts started using them on their cars to pimp their cars. This adoption for decoration purposes made vinyl car wraps the best alternative to car body repainting and gave people a cheaper alternative.

A common misconception when it comes to vinyl body wraps for cars is that they can be a savior or alternative to bad car paint. This myth is far from the truth and does not reflect the real purpose of car body wraps. It is important that you have your car well painted before you wrap it.

Poorly done car paint requires sanding first before one can apply the car body wrap. Moreover, it is important to note that if the car has some rust on its body or its paint is chipping at some point, the car vinyl wrap won’t reverse this. It is important to first ensure that your car’s paint is in good condition before you proceed to wrap your car’s body.

a) Color Change
If you are looking to change your car’s color temporarily without incurring exorbitant costs, then a body wrap is the best answer to your situation. You can have your body wrap designed into any design and shape to suit your car and transform its appearance fast and easily. It usually takes a day to complete one car wrap.

b) Chrome Trim Wrap
In some instances, it is necessary to hide the chrome trim on your car to enhance its appearance. Rather than have the entire chrome trim removed, it is recommended that you use a wrap to hide the chrome trim instead.

c) Tail Light Tint
A body wrap comes in handy also when you are looking to tint the tail light of your vehicle without necessarily replacing the tail light. If you are thinking of tail light tinting as your next big project on your car, look no further than one of our body wraps to help you achieve that.

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